The Pro Seller's Guide to Private Label Success



You’ve launched your first product on Amazon - or second, or third - and you’re planning another launch. Will it succeed? What if it fails? You need a strategy to improve the odds of success, but growing an Amazon business can be overwhelming. Not only that, if all you do is launch a product after product, without creating a strong foundation of systems and processes, everything will collapse. Tomer Rabinovich will show you how to go from an Amazon seller to becoming a business owner, offer strategies for selling your business, and show you how to leverage what you’ve created to follow your dreams.

In Ride the Amazon Wave, Tomer shares all of his secrets to selling on Amazon after 7 years as a seller and from consulting top 7-8 figure sellers. 

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"In my opinion, Tomer is one of the top five minds for Amazon selling strategies in the world. His keyword research and listing optimization techniques are absolutely next level."

Bradley Sutton, Director of Training and Chief Evangelist at Helium 10

"Tomer is one the OGs of the Amazon ecosystem and one of the smartest guys out there. He has been a pleasure to work with over the years!"

Ryan Gnesin, CEO at Elevate Brands

"You know how a magician would do Amazon FBA? Meet Tomer. He already blew my mind with his tricks."

Alex Huditan, CEO at Amazonienii

"Tomer's name is brought up regularly within Amazon seller circles. He's thought of as a thought leader, strategist, and mentor to seven- and eight-figure sellers. It is possible to grow from zero to a million dollars in revenue using the strategies in this book combined with hard work and a little capital. But to scale to an eight-figure brand, you need the insights and guidance of someone like Tomer."

Brandon Young, eight-figure seller and CEO at Data Dive

"What makes Tomer different is his ability to combine his stellar knowledge and experience of Amazon together with his deep understanding and insights into people, leadership, and management. To be successful on Amazon is not only about the expertise but also about understanding the human factors. If you want to accelerate on Amazon, you must read this book!"

Pierre Poignant, Co-Founder and CEO at BRANDED

"Tomer Rabinovich is an expert who imparts valuable knowledge to e-commerce entrepreneurs and provides wisdom that can only be gained through real life experience. That's advice you can trust. I recommend Tomer as your go-to guy for this vital Amazon seller knowledge."

Steve Simonson, Founder, podcast