Get your business to the next level with a tailor-made actionable strategic plan for your brand

Unlock your Brand's potential and achieve your goals with our one-of-a-kind Brand Optimization Blueprint!

Are you feeling stuck in your Amazon business and missing out on growth opportunities? It's time to revamp your strategy and skyrocket next year's profits! Say goodbye to the lonely journey and hello to a comprehensive plan tailored just for you. No more generic courses or broad consultants. Our team will delve deep into every aspect of your business to create a full action plan, designed specifically to meet YOUR unique goals - whether it's an exit strategy, expanding your brand's portfolio, or more freedom in running your business. Get ready to make a big leap towards success!

Let’s optimize your brand now!

My Program Includes

Physical Analysis
 - Ship your products to our Israel team for overall product improvement recommendations.

Catalog Expansion - You'll receive two innovative product suggestions (either as a new release or variation) that can help grow your brand.

Listing Analysis - Overall optimization for your listing from improving your images, copy, branding, and SEO.

Freight & Storage Analysis - Check logistic chain for optimization and potential shipping/storage cost savings.

PPC audit - In case you’re using an agency or software, we will do the vetting for you.

Program Schedule



Service Providers and Discounts

Get connected with trusted service providers for your brand and get exclusive discounts from our industry partners!


Strengthening Your Workforce

Unlock Your Potential with the Right Team! Let me help you assemble the winning squad to reach your goals.


Systems and Processes

Suggestions to help you manage the team in the day-to-day in terms of software, processes, etc


Access to my Tools and Software

Get a Free All-Access Pass to My Proven Tools & Software! Includes Expert Training Videos for Optimal Use.

Let’s optimize your brand now!

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Meet a few of the sellers who joined the Program


"Tomer has been very involved and I really recommend him for anyone who's experienced in Amazon"

Jesus Diaz Maso

"They do a very deep analysis of everything, and they will come up with great presentation with very specific points that you can start implementing to make your investment back."

Eyal Keren

I work with Tomer and the Top Dog Team on the brand optimization blueprint project, which has really proved beneficial for us

The Investment

The investment is $4997 per brand (up to 10 parent ASINs), plus the cost of shipping your products to Israel. It only takes one dollar. One dollar to save on how you ship your products, one dollar less spent on PPC, and one dollar extra for products sold. That one dollar extra will easily cover the cost of the program, and much more. You will have immediate improvements in your sales and profit, as well as long-term results by giving you a clear path to reach your goals.

The Happiness Guarantee

Our #1 priority is your happiness and success. This means we stand 100% behind our services, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to us directly and weI will fix it. Our goal is to work with the sellers who want to work with us. In case you’re not happy with the plan at any point, even if it’s 30 days AFTER you’ve received your Brand Optimization Blueprint, we will refund you IN FULL

What do you get?

βœ“ 1-on-1 call with one of our team members to discuss your brand 

βœ“ Physical analysis of your product

βœ“ Catalog expansion suggestions

βœ“ Listings analysis (up to 10)

βœ“ Freight & Storage optimization suggestions

βœ“ PPC audit

 βœ“ Suggestions on growing your team

βœ“ Suggestions on your processes and systems

βœ“ Discounts for software and trusted service providers

βœ“ Access to the tools that we use

βœ“ A 2-hour 1:1 call with Tomer covering the 12-24 months strategy plan in detail

βœ“ Follow-up call with one of our team members 2 months after the program ended

Single Payment


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Installment Plan

$2,500 x 2

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