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Are you an Amazon seller feeling overwhelmed and alone in your journey to success?

Tired of sifting through false advice on Facebook groups and dodging unsolicited sales pitches?

Struggling to find reliable solutions for your business challenges?


Join us and unlock the following benefits

Shorten Your Learning Curve

Overcome the feeling of overwhelm with guidance from experienced Amazon sellers and industry thought leaders,  who have faced and conquered similar challenges.


Break free from isolation and connect with like-minded individuals who share your goals and understand your journey.

One Source of Truth

Access accurate information and trusted advice from a community that prioritizes quality and relevance.

Distraction Free

Say goodbye to Facebook group chaos – our community is built on integrity and genuine support, not sales pitches

Get Answers

Discover effective solutions to your most pressing business challenges, thanks to the collective wisdom of the community.


Don't let your Amazon selling journey be a solo struggle. Join our supportive community today and unlock the resources, connections, and insights you need to skyrocket your success.

What The Community Includes

What do you get?

  • Exclusive Access: Watch Tomer build a new brand from scratch
  • Monthly Interactive Workshop with Tomer
  • Workshop Q&A with Tomer
  • Community: Connect, network, and thrive 
  • Weekly Q&A with Anthony & Community
  • Weekly PPC Q&A with industry experts
  • Free Proprietary Software Tools

The Investment

Monthly Plan:

$300 Per Month

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Yearly Plan:

$3,000 Per Year

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Who the community is for:

Anyone who is actively involved in the Amazon Private Label Space: 

 Active Amazon Sellers
 Service Providers
 Software Companies

Anyone with the right attitude: 
 Willing to share and help others
 Always ready to learn and improve
 Positive mindset

About Tomer


Tomer Rabinovch, a self-taught magician-turned-entrepreneur, is a name well-known among Amazon sellers, e-commerce enthusiasts, & aspiring businesses for his trusted consulting and business mentoring.

His “Top Dog” community and “Mastermind Coaching Program", have been helping 7-8 figure brands for almost 7 years, building sustainable businesses, maximizing their profits, and achieving their goals. Besides establishing a thriving Amazon business for himself, Tomer is known to simplify the complex and is sought-after to speak at countless Amazon seller events worldwide, to share his proven insights and strategies.

Tomer's book, "Ride the Amazon Wave," is a treasure trove of actionable tips for Amazon sellers to unlock the secret to their success. Not just his business acumen, but he also leverages his magic skills in Amazon selling to find hidden opportunities and solutions that others may miss.

But be warned: With Tomer's coaching, you may start to believe in magic!

About Anthony


Anthony Ceraldi is a seasoned Amazon seller and mentor with extensive experience and deep industry knowledge. Having taught thousands of sellers how to build successful Amazon Private Label businesses, Anthony is well-versed in the nuances of the platform. 

With a passion for helping others, Anthony has not only assisted other companies in scaling their presence and brands on Amazon, but has also spent the last four years focusing on mentoring aspiring sellers. His unwavering commitment to staying current and absorbing all there is to know about the industry enables him to provide the most effective guidance.

Now, in collaboration with Tomer, Anthony has decided to take his passion for empowering fellow entrepreneurs to the next level by launching a one-of-a-kind community for Amazon sellers. This unique platform will bring together like-minded individuals, providing support and fostering growth in the dynamic world of Amazon selling.

Doors are Closed

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